A cosmetic manufacturer / More than 24 years of industry experience

We are a cosmetic manufacturer who focuses on the development of skincare products. When we talk about manufacturing cosmetic products, it all comes down to us turning your idea into a reality and exceeding your expectations in terms of quality. Our complete expertise will be at your service, where we have been developing know-how for over 24 years. 

cosmetics jars and tubes
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Private label / Our brands

  • We are flexible with respect to the development and manufacturing of new products
  • We offer high quality packaging using 2 or 3 layers foils, tubes & jars
  • We bring your idea to life and become your trusted partner

We have more than 24 years of experience, turning us into an expert. 

Our products can be found on the markets of more than 10 countries.

We have a large base of own formulas developed during the years.